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Neck Pain Treatment Doctor

Neck Pain Treatment Doctor Q&A

Neck pain can be caused by a number of reasons such as an accident, arthritis, herniated disc, muscle strain, and spinal stenosis. If you are constantly having neck pain and it is affecting you daily life, then it’s time to visit us at Urgent Care & Wellness Center. Our specialists will diagnose the cause and help you to feel better. For more information, contact us or book an appointment online. We serve patients from Lutz FL, New Port Richey FL and surrounding areas.

Neck Pain Treatment Doctor Near Me in Lutz and New Port Richey, FL
Neck Pain Treatment Doctor Near Me in Lutz and New Port Richey, FL

Table of Contents:

What is the most common reason for neck pain?
How do I know if my neck pain is serious?
What are the symptoms of a neck injury?

Neck pain can be very uncomfortable, limiting our ability to work, play and sleep. It can also be very difficult to diagnose and treat since neck pain is often caused by an injury or medical condition, but can also simply be caused by poor posture. Neck pain is so common and has such a wide range of causes, it can be difficult to know when to see the doctor. Neck pain can range from a dull ache in the neck to a sharp pain that radiates through the head and down the arms. It is important to have neck pain diagnosed by a pain specialist, especially if it persists for longer than a few days.

What is the most common reason for neck pain?

The neck is composed of seven cervical vertebrae’s and eight cervical nerves; damage to any one of these nerves, vertebrae’s or the muscles around them can cause neck pain. Common causes of neck pain include:

Arthritis — Joint inflammation, or arthritis, is one of the most common musculoskeletal conditions in the world, affecting millions of people across the globe. Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis which affects around 32 million American adults; it develops as the joints wear down over time.

Herniated Disc — Each vertebra in the spine is cushioned with a vertebral disc that has a tough outer shell and soft, gel-like interior called the nucleus. Injury or overuse can create a weak spot in the disc, causing the soft nucleus to protrude outside the tough exterior.

Muscle Strain — The cervical spine is surrounded by muscles that offer additional support and enable the ability to move the head from side to side. However, the neck muscles can hold tension or suffer strain from things like an accident or poor posture.

Pinched Nerve — The medical term for a pinched nerve in the neck is cervical radiculopathy. Pinched nerves can occur when the nerves are inflamed or irritated, or when a herniated disc presses on a nerve; this can cause symptoms like tingling in the neck and sharp pain.

Spinal Stenosis — The spine has a hollow canal that contains nerves; when this canal narrows, it is known as spinal stenosis which can put pressure on the nerves inside. Spinal stenosis can develop in the lower back or neck, causing symptoms like muscle weakness, tingling, and pain.

Whiplash — A common neck injury that occurs when the head is forced in a sudden back-and-forth motion, whiplash can cause symptoms such as pain, stiffness, and headaches, which often arise several hours after the incident.

How do I know if my neck pain is serious?

Neck pain may be serious if it:

– Worsens in spite of self-care
– Persists after several weeks of self-care
– Radiates down the arms or legs
– Is accompanied by headache, numbness, or tingling

There are certain signs that neck pain is an emergency situation and requires immediate medical attention, including if it is associated with:

– Traumatic injuries, such as accidents or falls
– Muscle weakness, including weakness in an arm or leg. Trouble walking may be a sign of a more serious problem and should be addressed as soon as possible
– High fever, as this could indicate possible infection which would pose a serious threat to one’s health

What are the symptoms of a neck injury?

Signs and symptoms of neck injuries include:

– Pain that is often worsened by staying in one position for prolonged periods, such as working at a desk or driving
– Muscle tightness and spasms
– Decreased ability to move the head
– Headaches

If you have neck pain trust the specialists at Urgent Care & Wellness Center to provide you with effective relief. Contact us today or book an appointment with our neck pain specialist, or visit our clinic conveniently. We serve patients from Lutz FL, New Port Richey FL, Land O’ Lakes FL, Cheval FL, Greater Northdale FL, Greater Carrollwood FL, River Ridge FL, Seven Springs FL, Port Richey FL, Bayonet Point FL, Hudson FL, and Elfers FL.

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